A Love Hate Relationship with Facebook Ads (a.k.a. Sh!t That Makes Me Crazy)

Facebook Ad Screenshot

The bane of my existence this week?


I’ve been running this Facebook Ad for one of my clients for weeks. Successfully, might I add… just check out that social proof, baby.

  • 8900 Reactions
  • 42 Comments (some of them TOTALLY QUALITY)


People are clicking this baby and opting in left and right. My opt-in rate has been chilling in the 75% range. It’s been pretty sweet.

None of my split tests have held a candle to this puppy.

So this week I was doing some rapid audience testing (I’m trying to sell a course here, guys, not just get your email in exchange for a free PDF…)


It’s been running for weeks, and they’ve suddenly decided it doesn’t comply with their advertising terms.

I appealed. Multiple times. I followed up with the appeal.

I begged. I pleaded.

But alas…

…This ad is lost to the Facebook Ad Graveyard, where good ads go to die.

I had to start from scratch as of Wednesday, without that gorgeous little share number.

I’m going to be irritated about this for awhile.

And yeah, okay… maaaaaaaaaaaaybe I knew when I published the ad that it was walking the line a little bit.

I knew I was treading on one of the Facebook advertising rules. Not breaking it, exactly… but giving it a little massage around the edges.

Just a little one.

That’s what rules are for, right? To show you where to push the boundaries a little?

But seriously, Facebook… why get my hopes up only to DESTROY them weeks later?

Right when I’m TRYING to give you more money?

So. Rude.

(end rant)

Crazy Facebook Ads for a Nutrition Supplement

facebook ads ppc

Sometimes you get to do something really fun for a client… and this Facebook Ad campaign was definitely fun.

The market for nutrition supplements is huge, so if you have a smaller budget and want your Facebook Ads to stand out from the crowd of people being re-targeted by major fitness companies, you have to do something a little fun and different.

These brightly colored, fun ads had a great click-through rate in all their variations… people wanted to see more!

social media images

social media images

Social media images

facebook ads

Social media images

social media images

facebook ads, social media images, social media

SOCIAL MEDIA: Workout Image Ads

social media images, facebook ads

Nutrition supplements ads on Facebook and other social media often feature ripped men and women working out as the ideal to help inspire people to buy their supplement.

For this campaign the client wanted images that were seriously hardcore but were a little different than the usual look… and were a little fun, too. We decided on a black and white theme so that the sale supplement would really jump out of the image, with imagery that was sure to stand out from other social media image ads on Facebook.

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