Crazy Facebook Ads for a Nutrition Supplement

facebook ads ppc

Sometimes you get to do something really fun for a client… and this Facebook Ad campaign was definitely fun.

The market for nutrition supplements is huge, so if you have a smaller budget and want your Facebook Ads to stand out from the crowd of people being re-targeted by major fitness companies, you have to do something a little fun and different.

These brightly colored, fun ads had a great click-through rate in all their variations… people wanted to see more!

social media images

social media images

Social media images

facebook ads

Social media images

social media images

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Power Point Presentation Design… Do You Feel Motivated Yet?

powerpoint presentation design

I didn’t do any Power Point (Google Slides, Keynote) presentation design for what feels like FOREVER… but in the last six months or so I’ve been doing a ton of it. I’m having a lot of fun working on making a strong, dynamic presentation for an online fitness business right now – the finished deck will be around 60 slides!

Ultimately this will become a sales video with a kick ass, motivational voice over script over the presentation, but for now it’s just a first draft of a PowerPoint presentation. I’m happy with how it’s turning out, though, so I wanted to share a little design preview while it’s still in progress.

Super shout out to the free font Gotham Bold… I’m madly in love with this font right now. And I always love me some Roboto for a clean sans serif!

power point designpowerpoint designer designer for powerpoint powerpoint presentation design


health care logo design

I’ve been working on a logo design for a counseling and care coordinator in Alaska the last few days. The client wanted something professional and clean that could represent her business with a combination of typography and clean iconography for her clients who may identify the visual more easily than the text.

I always try to create two to three logo variations initially for logo design clients so we have something to work with. Here are the initial three designs (and separate icons) I created for Jennifer’s branding package.

logo design therapist
logo graphic design
branding design
logo design
logo designer
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