LOGO: AB2 Talent

entertainment logo design

I had the pleasure of designing a new business logo for the lovely ladies at AB2 Talent when they launched their new website in 2016.

We settled on the design pretty quickly but the colors were a little trickier! We finally decided on two variations of the logo (horizontal and vertical) and this pallet.

Logo Design for AB2 Talent

AB2 Talent: Logo Design

AB2 Talent: Logo Design

POSTCARD: Edge Group Fitness

graphic design, postcard design

I’ve worked with William several times over the years, and he came back to work on a postcard for his new gym in Dallas. I took his sweet logo and existing color pallet and designed this postcard to celebrate his grand opening open house.

graphic design, postcard design
Postcard Back: Variation 1
graphic design, postcard design
Postcard Back: Variation 2


branded graphic design

My favorite thing about reworking and launching a website is working on the graphics! SIAB is particular fun because everything is so brightly colored. Here are a few of the website sliders I’ve been working on.

graphic design banners branded graphic design

SOCIAL MEDIA: Happy Holidays!

automobile social media

It’s the time of year where festive holiday photos reign! I’m having fun finding awesome holiday images to use for all of of my social media clients, like this one for a car repair shop in Los Angeles. Happy Holidays!

happy holidays social media management


email newsletter coding

I love designing sales newsletters… but there’s a warm place in my heart for those newsletters I get to write, design and send that aren’t all about sales. Here’s one for Sale-in-a-Box from Thanksgiving this year.

On the business side, the open rate was an awesome 16.81%… =)

email newsletter copy and design