I Love Fall Booties (and Email Design)

email newsletter copy

Working on designing a bevy of October and fall emails this week. I love designing graphics for fall… orange is my favorite color and I love the muted earth tones that come with fall email campaigns!

So here’s a quick preview of an image from the fashion email newsletter I’m working on today.

This campaign is definitely making me want to buy some boots… I have a weakness for fall booties. Hopefully it works for their customers as well!

Up next: a fall specials brochure design for the automotive industry and a PowerPoint presentation that has nothing to do with fall but is a fun design job anyway.


health care logo design

I’ve been working on a logo design for a counseling and care coordinator in Alaska the last few days. The client wanted something professional and clean that could represent her business with a combination of typography and clean iconography for her clients who may identify the visual more easily than the text.

I always try to create two to three logo variations initially for logo design clients so we have something to work with. Here are the initial three designs (and separate icons) I created for Jennifer’s branding package.

logo design therapist
logo graphic design
branding design
logo design
logo designer
graphic designer

SOCIAL MEDIA: Workout Image Ads

social media images, facebook ads

Nutrition supplements ads on Facebook and other social media often feature ripped men and women working out as the ideal to help inspire people to buy their supplement.

For this campaign the client wanted images that were seriously hardcore but were a little different than the usual look… and were a little fun, too. We decided on a black and white theme so that the sale supplement would really jump out of the image, with imagery that was sure to stand out from other social media image ads on Facebook.

social media images, facebook ads social media images, facebook ads social media images, facebook ads social media images, facebook ads social media images, facebook ads

EMAIL DESIGN: Automotive Marketing

I’ve been working for the automotive industry for more than a year now and it’s still not a design style that comes very naturally to me. I personally default to clean, minimalistic design and typical automotive design is anything but that. It’s fun, though… and an interesting way to expand my graphic design skills!

This automotive email for a Texas Chevy dealership is one of several dealership email designs I’ve done in the last week or so. It’s kind of fun layering all the images and color together to create a design that has that “car sales” feel while still being easy to read and navigate.

The first send had a low open rate but a 8.65% click thru rate… we’ll see how the second send does later this week!

automotive industry graphic design

EMAIL DESIGN: Plvsh Waitlist

email design and management

It’s been a design-heavy couple of weeks! Did a quick email design for Plvsh today… they’re becoming so popular that they have a waitlist so we needed something a little more attractive to send out than the plain text email generated by their CRM.