Waking Up to the Not-Death

After a full year of not blogging, I return with a full blown midlife crisis on Medium!

I’m not actually sure this is a midlife crisis, but since the average life expectancy in the United States is 78.79 years and I’m 40, it probably is.

There are three little watercolors in the article. Here’s the one I painted just for this.

mostly purple watercolor painting that says "I'm alive"

It’s tiny, painted with a border on a 3″ x 4″ piece of Fabriano hot press watercolor paper. The watercolors are the cheap “basics” ones from Michaels that come in a pallet with a bunch of colors for $5.99. The pen is a 005 Micron.

The art isn’t really the point of the essay.

Unless it is.

Morning Pages Collage (No. 5)

Another morning pages ? collage.

It’s gross and smoky here, and it’s hard to breathe or even think. I’m allergic to smoke, so even with the house closed up and air filters and wearing a mask the few times I’ve had to go outside, I’ve been in a state of stuffy, swollen, painful semi-awareness since this haze descended over the PNW.

Even with this very obvious, national-newsworthy reason for feeling unwell, I’ve been lambasting myself about my lack of productivity the last few days, that all I’ve had the energy for is the bare minimum that is absolutely required for me to get to next week.

Sitting almost still and making small collages doesn’t require much analytical thinking, however, which I can handle. Cut, arrange, glue stick in place.

Stay safe and healthy, everybody.