About Me

As a contract-based marketing consultant and designer, I’ve worked with a variety of businesses, both large and small, though I focus on small businesses and small business growth.

Professionally, I offer digital marketing services including funnel building, authentic business branding, social media management, copywriting, PPC, SEO, website optimization and more.

If you’d like to work with me, I provide digital marketing services at my agency, FerrinSquare Media.

A few things about me:

  • I have been a design and digital marketing professional for more than ten years and have held positions that include design and advertising components for more than fifteen years.
  • I have been a full time independent digital marketing contractor for the last decade.
  • I am well versed in and have worked for a wide variety of companies, businesses and products, including: fashion, pet supplies, medical, non-profits, auto marketing, health and fitness, culinary and more.
  • Whether your budget is big, small or somewhere in between, I can help you create a comprehensive marketing plan that works.
  • I have a degree in Radio/TV/Digital Production from the Journalism department at the University of Idaho.
  • Yes, I know I’m probably the only person you have met from Idaho.

A few less work-related things:

  • I love to take photos. I’m pretty passionate about my Nikon, but my iPhone gets a lot of action, too.
  • I’m hard on laptops. I love to travel and move around so I beat them up and have to replace them regularly.
  • Music? Movies? They’re two of my primary passions and I have diverse taste, so don’t get me started!
  • Speaking of, I’ve been working independently for the last decade, which means I spend a lot of time alone. I’ll talk your ear off if you give me the chance… so don’t feel bad about interrupting me to get me back on track!
  • I have a fluffy black dog named Leia… she’s pretty cute.